Curriculum Vitae

301 different eyes inside the subway station Chamber Street in New York

Enzo Aiello
via Pesaro 7,00176
Rome, Italy
International cell phone: +39 3388513198
Academic Qualification:
Studied painting at the Accademia di Belle Arti di
Roma 1986
1990 – 1991
Vatican Studio of Mosaics, Vatican City, Italy.
 Trained in the Ancient Methods of Roman Mosaics as well as the methods of the
14 th and 16 th Century micromosaic in smalti filati
 Mosaic cutting techniques – hammer and hardy
 Mosaic restoration for ancient and modern mosaics
1991 – 1992
Scuola Mosaicisti del Friuli, Spilimbergo, Italy.
 Trained in the Ancient Roman Mosaics as well as Byzantine and contemporary
methods of mosaic arts.
 Cutting with hammer and hardy
 Mosaic designing
 Creating mosaic projects
 Installation of projects
 Budgets for projects
Albe Steiner Studio, Ravenna, Italy.
 Trained in Ancient Roman Mosaic and Byzantine mosaic techniques
 Restorations
 Mosaic project designs
 Installation
 Portraiture techniques

Public Works of Arts and Commissioned Projects:
Public Art:
Wall mosaic for the entrance of Luna Park – Mirabilandia, Ravenna, Italy – 1000 x 800
cm (800 sq. ft.) at the entrance of LUNA PARK-MIRABILANDIA, Ravenna,
Public Art:
"The Celestial Jerusalem" from the Basilica of San Vitale.
A mosaic fountain mosaic – 30 sq. m. (300 sq. ft.) in piazza Dante, Ravenna, Italy.
1992, 1996
Group exhibition at Athena Arte Gallery, Rome, Italy.
Public Commssion: Collaboration with the mosaic artist, Rinaldo Piras, to design, create,
and install floors in the commercial stores, Replay, located in Rome, Hong Kong, and
New York City
1994 – 1998
Created mosaic art which was sold through the Savelli Gallery in Rome.
Commission: Collaborating again with Rinaldo Piras,
Capitaneria di Porto di Roma, Fiumicino (RM), Italy.
Mosaic group exhibition at the Athena Arte Gallery, Rome ATHENA ARTE
Commission: Designed, created, and installed a mosaic floor (using ancient techniques)
for the Maxy Gym, Rome, Italy.
Private Commission: Fulvimari Chapel, Capitgnano, Italy. 15 sq. m (150 sq. ft.) ceiling
mosaic depicting a starry night.
Public Art Commission: Oculus – Public Art for the New York City Subway.
Collaboration with artists Kristin Jones, Andrew Ginzel, and Rinaldo Piras to design,
create and install the public art.
21 x 33 cm (8-1/4 x 13 in). 301 separate and distinct eyes. Installation at the Chambers
Street Station, New York MTA subway.
Pompei, Italy – work study of ancient mosaics and frescoes.
Private Commission – New York City on a commission for a five story, 7,000 sq. ft.
townhouse in the Upper East Side. One mosaic wall measuring 50 x 200 cm (19-1/2 x 78-
3/4 in) portraying the goddess, Venus. The second is a floor mosaic measuring 4 sq. m
(40 sq. ft) for one of the bathrooms with floral ornaments and contains a central scene of
dolphins jumping out of water.
Restoration of an antique floor mosaics for Lekythos, Rome, Italy.
Fortuna Fine Arts Gallery, New York City, NY. Restorations of six fragile Roman
mosaics – III Century Syria. 30 sq. feet.
Numerous commissions in both the cities of New York City, and Rome, Italy.
Public Art Commission: Mosaic wall 2 sq. m (20 sq. ft.) of the city emblem of Vibo
Valentia, Italy.
Restoration work for the Fortuna Fine Arts Gallery. Restoration of six antique roman
mosaic panels that depict: 1. a saint, 1 x 2 m (45 x 94 in), IV century A.D.; 2. a saint, 90
x 190 cm (35 x 75 in), IV century A.D.; 3. a peacock, 90 x 180 cm (35 x 71 in), III
century A.D.; 4. a fallow deer, 75 x 68 cm (30 x 27 in), III century A.D.; 5. a geometric
floor mosaic, 70 x 90 cm (28 x 35 in), III century A.D.; and 6. a small fragment, III
century A.D.
Restoration for a private collection in Munich, Germany. Restoration of an ancient
portrait done in micromosaic of polychrome marble tesserae not more than 2mm thick of
an antique roman woman. The mosaic measures 20 x 30 cm (8 x 12 in).
New York's City Hall Open Competition to set ‘Getsemani,” a three-dimensional mosaic
(200 x 500 cm) that depicts a bleeding rose breaking out from a wall in the World Trade
Center Area. His prototype was exhibited for a year at the Italian Paninoteca VIA
Quadronno, between 73rd and Madison Avenue in New York Upper East Side. The New
Yorkers called it "The Bleeding Rose."
Commission for the artist Luca Buvoli. A tri-color mosaic measuring 300 x 400 cm (10
x 13 ft) for the exhibit "Where Is The Victory?" The exhibit was held at the Autori Cambi
Gallery, in Rome. Director: Matteo Boetti.
Public Art Commission for the Paninoteca Via Quadronno, New York City. Mosaics
commission for the City of Tokyo and New York City.
Commission for a mosaic floor for a private chapel in Munich, Germany
Professor of painting techniques at the Accademia Bella Arti – in Ravenna, Italy.
Instructor – on an ancient Roman and Byzantine mosaic art Methods for the Chicago
Mosaic School, in Chicago, Illinois.
Restoration of a 18 th Century micromosaic gold bracelet, private collection, Greenwich,
Speaker for multiple conferences:
"Roman mosaic a painting for eternity"
1) Desert Andamento
6th Annual SAMA Conference
Mesa, AZ March 21-24
2) St Thomas University, Houston, March 27
3) Natural Science Museum Houston, March 28
4) University of Dallas, March 30, Art Sacred Lesson, 
Lyle Novinski
Andamento and Texture in Roman and Byzantine 
Mosaics, March 21, 6th Annual
SAMA Conference
Mesa, AZ March 21-24
Commission: Baby Jesus, 10 sq feet, for the “Parrocchia Gesu’ Bambino” in Rome, via
Campi Flegrei.
Taught mosaic workshop on Ancient Roman Mosaic and Byzantine Mosaic art methods
at the "Chicago Mosaic School"  in Chicago , IL
Public Commission: Vatican Madonna con bambino, dated 1950, restoration – private
collection, in Orlando, Florida
Public Commission: “Madonna,” for the church “S, Maria delle Grazie” in Pietrasecca,
Public Commission for 120 square foot floor for the Comunita’ Montana di Delianuova
of a 120 sq. feet floor mosaic the Garibaldi Museum in Delianuova, Italy.
Public Commission – Madonna col Bambino, Mater Ecclesiae, 60 sq feet, for the facade
of the new Catholic Church St. John and Paul, Sewickley, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.
Restoration of a 300 sq feet of an 18th century mosaic that portrays the landing of
Columbus in America, Private collection, Milwaukee, Wisconsin
Restoration for American Museum of Los Angeles. Floor mosaic at the entrance of the
Italian Hall, work dates to 1906.
Speaker at SAMA, "How to draw for Traditional or Contemporary Mosaics,
Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.”
Public Commission: 3 feet X 8 feet which portrays Saint Catherine of Siena and San
Frances of Assisi, St. Peter's Italian Catholic  Church in Los Angeles , California.

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