“Oculus” project at the World Trade Center subway , New York

Enzo also  colaborates  with very important  contemporary artists in order to interpret their works in contemporary mosaic.The “Oculus “ mosaics created with the roman mosaicist Rinaldo Piras,for the artist Ginzel and Jones ,at the Subway stations in New York city, are one example.Oculus is a constellation of marble and glass mosaic in the underground labyrinth of interconnected subway stations of lower Manhattan.More than 300 Roman Mosaic eyes drawn from a photographic study of more thab twelve hundred young  New Yorkers ,made together with the Mosaicist Rinaldo Piras , are set into the white tile walls of the World Trade Center/Park Place/Chamber Street Stations. For Enzo ,this was an extraordinary experience in which Enzo he was responsible for creating the prototype of the “First Eye” and many multiracial others.As Jones and Ginzel say:” The work’s detailed renderings of the eye.the most telling, fragile,and vulnerable human feature-offer a profound sense of intimaci within a public space.Together , the images create a sense of unity and flow:animating, orienting and humanizing the station.OCULUS invites a dialogue between the site and those who move through it.

The mosaic ‘Dov’è la Vittoria’, created in collaboration with the artist Luca Buvoli, is another example of how mosaic can interpret the sensibility of the artist. This mosaic, in marble and glass paste, is mounted on honeycomb aluminum.