Teaching Mosaic

twenty years work, passing on to the cultural heritage that Enzo learned in the Vatican and in Ravenna ,restoring the antique mosaics and creating new ones,he decided to teach the antique techniques that his Masters have taught to me.Pupils can learn the traditional mosaic techniques, according to their level, each lesson fits their need.It is possibile in Enzo workshop to request for  a personal course,in which the student can make an antique copy,or learn the roman and the byzantine technique.It is also possibile to execute modern and personal designs.Guided tour in the mosaic sites in the city.Visits at the Museo Nazionale Romano .The  courses are held in Enzo studio in Rome (Italy), in Via Pesaro 7,near San giovanni Basilica.They  are for all skill levels and  students can learn  the antique techniques , dated 2000 years ago, according to the tradition of Roman and Byzantine mosaic artists.The students use Martellina (mosaic hammer) and Tagliolo (hardie). The lessons are taught only by qualified mosaic artists with a long experience of working with mosaic and restoration.No skill is required for beginners.

* Theory lessons – the most important mosaic techniques

.* Learning and/or skill improvement (by level)

* How to make copies of ancient mosaics (two framed mosaics remain the property of  the participants)

* Execution of either modern or personal designs

For more information click on http://www.mosaicartcourses.com/join.htm

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For more information click on http://www.mosaicartcourses.com/join.htm