What kind of mosaic?

n the hands of a master, the placing of mosaic tesserae is a very versatile technique where the personal sensibilities of the artist can be expressed – whether it be a reproduction of mosaics or paintings, or a new, unique creation of the artist’s own design.Enzo can create custom mosaics for residential and commercial settings, whether the location is exterior or interior.  Examples include:











And so on…

Custom service includes:

·     Personalized inspection and measurement of the site

·     Design and material consultation with the client

o     Enzo can create a customized design or use a design provided by the customer.

·     Fabrication and installation will be personally executed by Enzo.  Extremely large projects would require professional, experienced project management and support team, all of whom have met the qualifications determined by Enzo.

·     Custom mosaics for permanent installation typically are fabricated in the studio, and then delivered in sections to the installation site and installed by Enzo personally.

·     Custom mosaics may be fabricated on panels for independent, non-permanent hanging and installation.

·     Enzo uses only the finest materials, including

o     Premium marble from around the world

o     Handmade glass tesserae (smalti) from Venice and Spilimbergo

o     Premium mosaic tiles

·     Enzo uses the most appropriate technique suitable to the project – including antique techniques from 2,000 years ago


The price of a mosaic is per project and is dependent upon the following factors:

·     Size of the project

·     Customized design by Enzo verses fabrication-ready design provided by client

·     The materials chosen, including the quantity of specialized material, for example, gold tesserae.

·     Technique

in general lines, the client can choose at least 4 different options:

1)Roman Mosaic :natural marble mosaic in the Roman Tradition , (stones size 1/3 of one inch):

2)Byzantine  Mosaic :Venetian glass mosaics Smalti  in the Byzantine style (stones size 1/3 of one inch) ,

3)Contemporary mosaic : venetian glass smalti , natural marble ,semi-precious stones, pebbles,golds,stones,terracotta,fossils

(different stones size  )

4)Micro Mosaic Opus Vermiculatum(size stones 1/9 of one inch) ,

4)MicroMosaic in smalti filati,Filate Enamels Technique (size stones less than 1/25 of one inch)

Enzo is one of the very few mosaic artists in the world to make mosaics using MICROMOSAIC IN SMALTI FILATI  called also FILATE ENAMELS technique(size stones less than 1/25 of ine inch)the very secret mosaic technique dated 1700, coming from Vatican Mosaic Studio.  Enzo learnt directly this technique at the Vatican Mosaic Studio under Great Masters .The FILATE ENAMELS  allows the realization of microscopic tesserae and consequently the production of incredibly minute mosaics.With this extraordinary technique it is possibile to execute mosaics in brooches,necklaces,earrings,rings,bracelets,plaques,pendants,snuffboxes,jewellery boxes,jewel cases,paperweights,tabletops,hanged pictures in micromosaic,panels in micromosaic.